Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma.



In the Montreal culinary scene since 2014

A pillar of excellence within the Montreal gastronomic scene since 2014, Park transforms traditional Japanese and Korean cuisine by weaving North and South American essence into every dish. Antonio Park, the executive Chef and owner, skillfully combines distinct flavours and cooking techniques from his heritage to create unique and delicious dishes.

Park was built by the dedicated team who put their heart into creating exceptional dishes.

Fresh local products

Park was born with a drive to uphold and exemplify the importance of freshness and top-quality ingredients.

We source local ingredients as much as possible. When in season, our focus is to highlight superb Quebec and Canadian products. From proteins to succulent vegetables, fruits, and herbs, at Park fresh produce that offers excellent flavor is everything.

Quality of products

All of our products are selected with genuine care.

We have a private import seafood license that allows us to source sustainable, line-caught fish daily, with some flown in directly from Japan. Furthermore, we make our sushi with gold medal koshihikari short-grain rice as well as handcraft our rice vinegar, wasabi, kimchi, and soy sauce.


The backbone of every dish at park is impeccable natural flavor that not only invigorates the taste buds but sends them into a world of pleasure bite after bite.

In order to offer a unique flavor-filled experience, we allow the aroma and taste palate of each ingredient to stand on its own as well as mingle with mouthwatering marinades, sauces, spices, and dressings.

After opening our doors in 2014, over the years, we have diligently worked to uphold the expectations of our customers and surrounding community.

handmade sushi

Sourcing only from trusted farmers, fishermen, and ranchers within Quebec, greater Canada, as well as Japan, we are a strong fixture for true perfection, sustainability, and farm-to-table culture.

Driven by the scents and colors of nature, within our humble walls, we invite everyone to indulge in food, beverage, and ambiance that is unequivocally unique to restaurants owned by Antonio Park.

join us

Join us for an unforgettable, very different, very personal dining experience that comes directly from the heart.


With kimchi in our blood, sashimi always on our minds, and perfectly marbled wagyu twinkling in our eyes, Park Restaurant is proud to be recognized, innovative establishment within Montreal.


With a love for handmade sushi, fermenting kimchi, and asado as well as a childhood spent growing up watching his mother cook from scratch, mill her own spices, dry her own peppers, and craft her own sauces - the identity of park is the passion for food that has filled antonio park's life since day one.


Original merchandise by Park.

"I wanted to do something different here, something personal, something that’s all about who I really am. Park is my background. It’s my roots. It’s me: Antonio Park." 

The experience park encounters charming ambiance surrounded by exquisite flavors that unleash an extraordinary global sensation.