Park is a reflection of Antonio Park as a Korean-Montrealer, with an international upbringing, that trained under some of Japan's most revered cooking masters.

Antonio Park

Today, a world-renowned chef, the true art of Antonio's unique culinary style began decades ago.

Growing up in his mother's kitchen, among her sprawling garden, and taking part in his father's one hundred person plus asados, it is the traditions of his heritage - fresh ingredients, homemade dishes, and passion to share meals with loved ones - that defines our executive chef's extraordinary vision of food.

Antonio Park

From starting his culinary career as a dishwasher to moonlighting as a judge on Food Network Canada's Chopped

Antonio's meticulous attention to detail combined with his delight in finding that perfect balance of global flavors in what makes Park a remarkable place to dine.

Antonio Park
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About us

With kimchi in our blood, sashimi always on our minds, and perfectly marbled wagyu twinkling in our eyes, Park Restaurant is proud to be a recognized, innovative establishment within Montreal.

Antonio Park

Our Story

After opening our doors in 2014, over the years, we have diligently worked to uphold the expectations of our customers and surrounding community. Sourcing only from trusted farmers, fishermen, and ranchers within Quebec, greater Canada, as well as Japan, we are a strong fixture for true perfection, sustainability, and farm-to-table culture. Driven by the scents and colors of nature, within our humble walls, we invite everyone to indulge in food, beverage, and ambiance that is unequivocally unique to restaurants owned by Antonio Park.